Chapter Officers

Megan Mech


3rd Year Zoology Major "Sigma Kappa means everything to me. It has shown me that I am capable of more than I could have ever imagined. Sigma Kappa has introduced me to some of the strongest and most amazing women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Being the President of this Chapter is one of my life's biggest honors because all of my sisters are incredible and inspiring and make me more and more proud everyday to call myself a Sigma Kappa."

Nicole Larson

Executive Vice President

2nd year; international business "Sigma Kappa has given me so much from leadership skills to lifelong friends. I think the best thing that Sigma Kappa has shown me is that you can accomplish anything with the help of your sisters. My sisters are more than just friends. They are my support system that gets me through my roughest days and are there to celebrate my best days. I love Sigma Kappa with all my heart. My position means so much to me because it has shown me leadership skills I never thought I had. It has taught me that sometimes you have to make hard decisions to better chapter. I will use these leadership skills Sigma Kappa has taught in my future. "

Danielle Nunez

Vice President of Communication

3rd Year Communication -PR "Getting involved and putting yourself out there is the best thing you can do in life. I love my sisters and being a part of an amazing sisterhood."

Whittni Wibs

Vice President of Finance

2nd year, e-Business major "Sigma Kappa has not only given me the best of friends but also the best of memories. It shows me what it is like to be part of a sisterhood and the accomplishments that we are able to achieve when women are supportive of one another. I have never thought that I am capable of holding leadership position but being VPF has helped to erase some of that doubt and gain some confidence."


Vice President of Alumnae Relations

4th year Agribusiness and Food Industry Management "Sigma Kappa has given me the ability to grow. It’s helped me make take on leadership, meet new people, and try things I would have never tired before. It’s also given me some of my closet friends and amazing women to look up too. My position gives me an opportunity to help our chapter grow by learning and taking things from our Alumnae. My position helps show chapter what Sigma Kappa can give you after your college career as well as show Alumnae, family, and others what our chapter has to offer. "

Breana Render-Thomas

Vice President of Philanthropic Services

2nd year Bio Chemistry "Sigma Kappa surrounds me with women who have great values and that empower me to be better. Being Vice President of phinthropic services gives me the opportunity to do the things I am truly passionate about which is helping people and also lets me get my sisters involved with organizations they are passionate about as well. "

Sophia Nilges

Vice President of New Member Education

3rd, Apparel Merchandise Management "Sigma Kappa has become a large part of my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Sigma Kappa keeps me accountable for myself, has given me leadership opportunities, and of course, it keeps me busy. I love being part of a group of women, knowing we carry so much power to change the world. Sigma Kappa has given me friendships that I will cherish forever, and memories to go with them. Being VPNME has been so rewarding, as I have been able to watch these women find their own place in chapter and create their own memories just like I have. Teaching these women to love and have the upmost respect for our chapter is something I take pride in. I can't wait to meet more women next fall!"

Taylor Ortiz

Vice President of Programming

3rd year Liberal Studies Major "My position has given me the opportunity to expose sisters to resources and information they can use for the rest of their college career and sometimes even longer than that. "

Hannah Gabriel

Vice President of Membership


Vice President of Scholarship

Jimi-Lee Tomboc

Panhellenic Delegate

Sigma Kappa has shown me what it is to be a leader. My position allows me the opportunity to represent my chapter all in all and report to them the things that our happening on our campus and community as discussed by Greek Council and Panhellenic.